Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Its all for you Damien, its ALL FOR YOU!

Wow, has it really already been a year?! I'd like to wish a hearty happy brithday to my blog and pat myself on the back for not abandoning my poor fetus when it had just crawled out of my....wait this is sounding gross...ok... i'm just glad I didn't quit bloggin'! That's better... I digress... I was going to name this entry (my 350th) "Carrie White still eats shit!" but figured perhaps changing up the horror film of interest each year is more dynamic! Again, I am putting out a call to one and all, saying that once again you all have a year to come up with something to wear.....anything to wear.... I thought I made myself clear last time but this year we have the same lack of costumes all over LA. It's like wearing a costume on Halloween makes you some sort of alien life form! I remember back in Seattle, and up in SF, hell even Pittsburgh, there were tons of people in costume and pretty creative at that. Do I just live in a Halloween free city? Am I alone here?

I guess i'd just like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween today! Hope all your costumes came together well and that tonight is just as fun as you hope! See you next year.

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