Friday, December 12, 2008

Mashed in Plastic

You have got to check out this free album online if you like Mash-Ups even a little tiny bit! These dj's and artists take David Lynch's films and splice a few lines here and there with some great song choices and really manage to capture the world of this crazy, fun director.

You've sold your soul to advertising Charlie Brown!


R.I.P. Bettie Page

We'll miss the sass and class!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A gay without a day...

ok, did anyone actually participate in that whole "day without a gay" thing? Personally its not really how I see protesting the issue of prop 8 effectively.... but for those of you who do or did: Huzzah more power to ya....

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008

Pictures of Thanksgiving 2008

Better late than never... The boys found T's Camera! So here they are!

Glasses party with Hamster and T!

More glasses party with me and Hamster

The Marks

Me and T *smile*

Mark and Victoria

Me and Mark

The messy group later into the night

Me after cleaning up the first victim of the evening, a broken glass...

Glen's scary attacking the camera face hehehe

Billy, Glen, Kevin and Gail

Me and Victoria

And we'll end on a high note, me drunkenly singing "Fever" as if on piano...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bad news bears...

So Last night I had an oh so uncomfortable chat with my mother. Things appear to be a tad bleak this holiday season for my family as my mother's job has cut her down from 5 days of work to only 2 or the occasional 3... My Father apparently was layed off from his job with the hopes they can bring him back on in the spring. Both my parents are in their late 60's and live on a very fixed income, this isn't good. My own financial situation isn't pretty either. Swamped with student loans, and other piles of bills, Zack finds him nearing the end of one job, with two weeks off till the following one starts... with no pay in between and maybe some paltry amount of unemployment that will arrive to late to help, this ain't lookin' pretty. I'm worried for them.

So after that bomb shell, my mother asks the question i've been evading lately... "When are you coming for Christmas?" Oh. Shit. "Well mom, I am kind of flat broke and can't afford to come this year... the cheapest ticket I could find is $550 and that isn't gonna work for me." She started to cry. My mom has had me there every single christmas since I was born but one... and that's a good track record for 29 years, well this would be number 2... It was tough to tackle all of this stuff in one session for the both of us, so we hung up morose and kind of bummed about the whole discussion. It's hard leaving things like that for me. I don't like that creepy unspoken hurt hanging in the air between me and others. Over-all it kinda sucked ass, so I didn't sleep very well.

On a more positive note, I did get an interesting possible offer this morning for where to spend my Christmas that would be much cheaper, and could be great... Fingers crossed that it pans out for me. *smile* We'll see...

This weekend I am going out with some friends on their Gay Scuba Club "The Barnacle Busters" christmas lights harbor cruise for a few hours Saturday. I'm really excited as this might be just the thing to get me into the holiday spirit, and a little booze and good company is always fun. Long Beach here I come!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

10 things you may or may not know about Zacki: Christmas Edition

(Idea ganked from Dirk Mancuso... thanks hehe)

1. I despise the song "Little drummer boy" parumpapapum except for the version by Grace Jones on Pee-Wee's Christmas Special! 

2. I love the idea of tacky christmas trees in theory, but feel sad when they are actually executed: EG:Pink tree, or goth tree..

3. I secretly love the nutcracker and have found myself oddly enacting moments in my socks leaping about hardwood floors... go figure

4. I like to believe I have been given my mother's gift for gorgeous gift wrapping, but must now admit it, mine look just average...

5. I try the fruitcake every year and always make the same grossed out face, when will I learn?

6. I own 14 different christmas cd's and would never admit that in public... oops

7. I try to sit on one sexy santa's lap each year in hopes that eventually the damn boy will bring me my christmas wish

8. I don't eat much of anything on Christmas eve... I find it funny that this tradition started with me protesting my mother's lame attempt at dinner one christmas eve, now it just makes sense

9. I still get excited when two things happen... a. when I wake up Christmas morning and b. when I see a sexy santa, did I mention I like sexy Santas?

10. I once asked santa for a house... I got it. My dad made me the coolest Playhouse ever!

Monday, December 01, 2008


Well for once this holiday was something kinda special. It was more than just some food, lots of dishes to wash, and falling asleep in front of a TV... It included some great company and I had a blast. My friends Billy and Glen opened up their home to several friends as well as my date. (Yes, Zack is dating a boy.) They made their version of a good ol' fashioned "Southern Thanksgiving" complete with the best fried Okra you'll ever taste and so many things to choose from, there was a remark about next time maybe bigger plates. That is a scary proposition if i've ever heard one...

The table was covered in beautiful settings, the perfect amount of space and chairs, fun and gross stories that at any other thanksgiving would not be fodder for dinner table conversation, and our two amazing hosts to top it all off. We started early, the boy and I arrived at noon and I think he got a taste of what its like at an event well as the report with my fun friends. We had cocktails in hand and were off to chat and relax within minutes of walking in the door. Hilarity and shenanigans ensued as more and more people arrived. All in all there were about 12 of us, and the party was in full swing. The Bird was delicious, the Ham was awesome, and the 4 different desserts were so good you just had to try to make room for them. The day turned to night, more drinks, lots of laughs, a few broken glasses, a lampshade gone home to Jesus later, and it was time to go home.

I continued to have an amazing weekend... not gonna jinx anything with much more detail. Its really the first time I can say all this about a Thanksgiving in ages. Thanksgiving has always been a little bit of a throwaway for me in the past as i'm not geographically close to many family members. This thanksgiving just kinda rocked. Not much more to say than that.

Wendy Ho

Bitch I stole your purse...