Friday, October 31, 2008

R.I.P. Studs Terkel

Guess he ain't gonna be "Working" anymore...

Me and andrea at the office...

She is Marley's ghost and i'm impaled with a chicken and attaccked by birds!

She's dead.... Wrapped in Plastic...

Happy Birthday Tall Glass of Shame!

Well, its my blog's second birthday! We're now in the terrible twos so some of you may just stop reading altogether. Perhaps you already have! I can't believe its been so long since that first fun post on Carrie and my dismay at all those who chose to not dress up. Look at me now... Here I sit wearing a costume I've basically done before and thinking next year I'll be switching it up... Maybe I WILL be that sexy kitty i've bitched about for so long. Or something that is just kinda fun... off beat... not anything involving impalement. Gasp, I know, but i've kinda done it to death and now its time for something different. The chicken protruding from my chest most likely agrees. Oh and it wants you to vote yes on Prop 2 hehehe

Anyways, here's to another year and perhaps a few more fun tidbits for me to share and some videos and pics thrown in to amuse you all. Raise your glass to the Shame! Happy Birthday blog, I want to take you out behind the school and get you pregnant.

In honor of it, I give you "The Birds" in 1 minute and 40 seconds

Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally, a post where I write a little something....

So life has been kinda crazy the past month or two... I moved to a great new place, still in the same neighborhood. I have been working ALOT and really enjoying this show. This film is going to be amazing. I have been dating, that's been fun and i'm gonna leave it at that so I don't jinx anything. I have really wanted to do a post for some time about my big annual trip to Burning Man and either just haven't found the time.... or have felt somewhat uninspired to write. I'm gonna try to break that spell right here right now.

I had a blast, as I did last year, but this was a very different year for me. Much less of the group of friends I went with managed to drag their asses out to the Playa this time around. It was sad to not have them there with us, but all turned out amazing. It was a very different vibe this year, with generally people being more friendly and open. Last year there was a sense of tension and in some moments anger floating around the city.

So many of you may have heard me expound about the amazing art I've seen out there, and this where that happens... This trip is my annual march to the biggest art opening on Earth in my opinion. I adored to just aimlessly walk out into the night to experience what treats await.... and that's how I got my playa name finally.... "Sinatra" ......most people will think Frank, but no... it's Nancy... These boots were made for walking and usually clock about 10 miles a day when I'm out there.

Here's our camp. It was a little more modest this year as the boys took a break from "Our Lady of Schlongs" This year it was simply titled "The Red Scare" to fit in with the theme this year of The American Dream.

Mark and I were forclosed upon one evening and it seemed to spread all over our street. Its a sad state of affairs in this country when you can't even avoid such things at Burning Man. (My little contribution to the art of the place.... hehehe)

During a terrible dust storm our neighbors had some fun with a "Duck X-ing" stopping passing motorists who were trying to get the hell out of there during the storm. The looks in the cars ranged from extremely amused to some really pissed newbies who didn't know to just stay put!

Me and the boys up atop the obelisk the man stood on. This was a great evening!

The Ketchup bottle at the 4:30 plaza that served fresh french fries and ketchup every night of the burn. Such a welcome delicious treat after eating alot of dust each day just while trying to breathe.

The coolest art car we saw this year. Flames, a packed dance floor, and all mobile disco duck fun.

This was the oh so amazing "Tantalus" by Peter Hudson. I got some face time with him while it was temporarily broken down. I had trekked far far into that tundra to see the piece and loved his Zeotrope take on the "Golden Apple" dangled just out of reach all mounted on a spinning Uncle Sam hat. This piece blew my mind.

Thanks to Ian Lauder for the photo.

This is a pic of DreamYourTopia by the artist Dardara. I stumbled upon this around 2 in the morning one night and entered with little hesitancy... I was game. You were first harassed and approached by armed guard agents for the Checkpoint to your dreams. You then fill out a two sided form and get in more lines. Eventually they interrogate you, and if you are found to not be a robot, and an able minded individual, your passport is stamped and you are released into your dreams. This piece blew me away. What a visceral, hysterical journey with amazing twinges of what it must be like to immigrate in many ways. The hoops you had to jump through only grew if you spoke up, talked back, or stood out. Unnerving and really fun. My friend Mark said i'm the only person he knew who would travel into the middle of the desert only to spend an hour filling out a form and call it fun. Check out the digital tour below to get a taste of what they created out there.

Monday, October 13, 2008

wait for it... wait for it...

Brillaint! Thanks to Glen for the tip off!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Monday, October 06, 2008


The honorarium art installation from Burning Man 08 at the Los Angeles Decompression Party this past Saturday night. Thanks to my friend Billy for posting his video of it.

Friday, October 03, 2008

And the move is done!

And god said let there be light, and there was, and it was a relief to come out of the tunnel into said light....

The move has finished, the place is great. I am now basically around the block from where I was, but I have more space, my own bathroom, central air, a great clean backyard, a cute cat and dog that belongs to the roommate, and its all so quiet and peaceful. It has been so nice to sleep through the night and awake refreshed. It would appear that I have not had a good nights sleep in a while now.

I'm looking forward to being in this great place for a while.