Tuesday, December 02, 2008

10 things you may or may not know about Zacki: Christmas Edition

(Idea ganked from Dirk Mancuso... thanks hehe)

1. I despise the song "Little drummer boy" parumpapapum except for the version by Grace Jones on Pee-Wee's Christmas Special! 

2. I love the idea of tacky christmas trees in theory, but feel sad when they are actually executed: EG:Pink tree, or goth tree..

3. I secretly love the nutcracker and have found myself oddly enacting moments in my socks leaping about hardwood floors... go figure

4. I like to believe I have been given my mother's gift for gorgeous gift wrapping, but must now admit it, mine look just average...

5. I try the fruitcake every year and always make the same grossed out face, when will I learn?

6. I own 14 different christmas cd's and would never admit that in public... oops

7. I try to sit on one sexy santa's lap each year in hopes that eventually the damn boy will bring me my christmas wish

8. I don't eat much of anything on Christmas eve... I find it funny that this tradition started with me protesting my mother's lame attempt at dinner one christmas eve, now it just makes sense

9. I still get excited when two things happen... a. when I wake up Christmas morning and b. when I see a sexy santa, did I mention I like sexy Santas?

10. I once asked santa for a house... I got it. My dad made me the coolest Playhouse ever!

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