Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ghosts of Halloweens past...

Here's a couple of pictures of my Halloweens past:

Zack, Halloween 1999

Yes, I am impaled with a toaster and toast....it was a real toaster...I cut it in half with a big saw....gutted it...made a very simple mounting plate and strapping system that attached to my midriff and then cut up some real toast I had shellacked and glued them on with some blood. Voila! I am not a morning person.

Evan, Jacob and Zack, Halloween 2003

Ok, this one pissed a few people off, but please know it was done out of love and respect... I went to a "come as your favorite Diva party!" My favorite at the time just happened to be Erykah Badu. "Where's my baby Seven? Oh on and on, and on and on...I need a rimjob I mean rimshot hey diggy diggy!" My friends were the Olson twins on their 21st b-day.

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