Monday, October 15, 2007

"Kiss my ass Carol"

Keeping in line with my former made up names of shows I work on, to protect the innocent of course, I bring you "Kiss my ass Carol." Now I know "Have a tard" actually showed my great disdain for that job, don't let this name fool you... I just started and it was the most creative thing I could come up with by slightly altering the show's title. I assure you, this job has slightly better pay, some better hours, and much better health code adherence when it comes to the building we now inhabit. I still don't have my computer at work, hopefully that will happen tomorrow or Wednesday, then you'll see more blogging from me. In the meantime its been a nice two weeks off, I had a great time at Descanso Gardens where my roommate Claude snapped a pic of me I actually like:

Had a pretty great birthday that included a crazy weekend of depravity at the LA decom party... more on that to follow. Hope everyone out in the blogosphere is doing just dandy!


Kyle said...

I was wondering if I'd see you there! Lydia and her friend Joolz and I went on a whim. Too bad I didn't see you, but were you so dressed up I wouldn't have recognized anyway?

Zacki said...

Well, yes, a bit... I did have a weird cascade of yarn hair and lots of blinkies! It's hard toi see in the dark with everyone blinking and trippin' =) Hope ya had fun!