Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bus Stop 1956

I just finished watching an old sentimental favorite of mine called "Bus Stop" starring Marilyn Monroe and Don Murray. It's a sweet film about a cowboy looking for his "angel" and finding it in a half rate chanteuse in a bar in Arizona. After proposing, he abducts her and sets off for home, a ranch in Montana. I much prefer the orginal stage play to this film as far as script and structure, but this is one of Marilyn's better performances and is not to be missed. Perhaps its my sentimental mood is setting in with Fall's arrival, or I have a need to settle down and nuzzle in for the long winter, or perhaps I even just want to be abducted a little myself, but I had a great time revisiting this movie.

"Isn't it wonderful when someone so terrible turns out to be so nice?!" -Cherie

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flyrail said...

I've never seen the movie, but the play is fantastic. Definately on my short list of ones I would like to work on.

I'm kind of avoiding the romantic movie genre at the moment, but I have had the kind of week that makes me fantasize about being swept off to Montana by a handsome stranger for sure. Guess I'm having a little fall sentimentality as well. Its definately the time of year to snuggle in with someone special.