Friday, October 19, 2007

Are you there Vodka? It's me Zacki

Thank god for Fridays. It's time to grab a cocktail, have some fun, watch some Grindhouse tomorrow in the backyard, and get a haircut. These are the goals....well besides relaxing and having fun.

Last weekend was very fun filled, but oy the recovery day Sunday was harsh... The Bruning Man Decompression Party downtown was filled with lots of fun, and lots of ...well....stuff that you recover from... Needless to ssay, I was loud, obnoxious, drunk, petting people, laying on the ground watching "the monkeys" (see below), hanging with Megavolt's wife Victoria (You rock girly), and acting like "That guy" in the limo on the ride down and back testing all the buttons and just generally being giddy and ruckous. Ahhh too much fun. I do remember dancing in a dj tent with a really small person at one point.... a child, a dwarf? Lordy, the blur. I'll just chalk it up to fun.

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