Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Carrie White Eats Shit!

Plug it up kids.... it's Halloween! What better day to kick off my new blog than my favorite day of the year? To give you a bit of perspective, I am obsessed with Halloween every year. I think maybe it has something to do with the prizes for best costume, and all the chocolate. My friends and I have had a rough year this go round so it's been a more than lacklustre and spare response from all. I can't say I'm surprised, but I am a tad disappointed.

I think this is one of those situations where i'm "that guy" who thinks everyone should be just as enthused about the big game as I am, or I'm the lonely woman who's amazed that not everyone is as obsessed with holiday recipes as she is... so I overbake and try to inspire, but really just overfeed and annoy my friends. I can see it in their eyes.... they are over Halloween this year. I had the same conversation with all of them this year: what should I be? In the end, all the great ideas or even drunken suggestions no-one remembers in the morning were all thrown out for the "voyeur" option. A smattering of people I know dressed up this year, the usual suspects. Today I sit in an office full of extremely creative people who didn't even think of wearing a costume! My boss Andrea is the only one other than myself who has the spirit around here. Picture it: a six-three man attacked and impaled by crows, with Frida Khalo sitting behind me. This past weekend saw me as the construction worker from the Village People impaled with re-bar....he had a bad photo shoot... Who knows, perhaps one year I'll lose the spirit for it all and simply sit back and watch. I might even get a visit from the ghosts of Halloween past present and future just like Roseanne.

You're all on notice. There's a year left everyone to get something together and I don't care whether you buy it, rent it, build it, or simply put on some cat ears and call yourself a sexy kitty, (Don't do the latter unless you are a 300lb man and then it's ironic and funny.) but do something or don't go out. The Great Pumpkin has spoken.


Amanda said...

Hooray for your blogging! I'd like to say that some of us would know that Frida Khalo is a repeat, but still you should share a photo of your bullpen. Pumpkins!

Zacki said...

Thanks amanda! Hope all is well on the current show. =)