Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is it weird?

That there is some guy who has been sitting in the corner of the office for two days, on a laptop, in a lobby chair, with no-one talking to him or paying any attention.... And I have kept myself this whole time from asking who he is or what he does? Normally, being a very inquisitive person, I want to, but we here in our small area have made it a game to try to avoid learning his real purpose here. Working on a film with so many people, it's not that odd to not know all your co-workers, but this is just hilarious. I wonder if he'll be here tomorrow... I did hear him mutter into a phone about a timecard... Ah the stupid mystery!

UPDATE: The mystery was ruined when someone broke and asked him who he was.... Turns out he is one of the famous people's Driver. Wish I could tell you something more fun and mysterious.

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