Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Zacki Weekend...


It was a doozy wasn't it?! The Day was hectic, insane, crazy, whatever decription best fits your mental picture of me running around with a scowl on my face and scissors within quick reach... and then a fire broke out in the hills nearUniversal and WB studios... Here's the view from "Have a Tard"...

After watching this for...lets say 2 minutes, it was back to work and me attempting not to kill everyone within grasp. Since the date that was planned turned out to be a bust, I went out with friends. First stop, per tradition, was "Jumbo's Clone Room." Kids, the place is fucking weird now...I was joking and all, but they basically one-upped me by erecting what appears to be a new "Big Top" on the back porch. Jesus, this was not what I was in the mood for, so we headed over to "New Local Gay Bar" for some drinks. Now children, please tell me i'm not crazy, but when one backs out of a date feigning illness, is it not pretty tacky to show up at the same "New Local Gay Bar" you had agreed to meet at that night? Oh Well, nice to find out someone sucks....er well...is a dick...wait....hmm those are good things...I got it: that they are just an asshole. Ah, good... now that's out. So After a quick lapse, and some shots it was a fun night after-all.


I looked at places with my friends Scott and Claude, we might be moving in together if all works out. We saw a lovely 3 bedroom up in Atwater Village.... This is truly my dream neighborhood! The place was far better than the soulless place we walked through in Echo Park. Saturday night I stayed in....Read a bit of Angela's Ashes which is much better than I imagined. That night it became clear to me how much I need to leave my little Ghetto! Gunshots, a scream two blocks over....long pause for sirens...then Helicopters for forty-five minutes.... Fuck that place!


LA Leatherfest with friends Claude, Billy and Glenn! I wore my Utilikilt, some boots, ya know: my version of Tough Kilted Mo-fo! I had a much better time than I expected to. I had kind of avoided this event in the past, didn't know alot of friends here, too much traffic etc... I'd also maybe listened to too many nay sayers of such events over time... I was glad I went. It was great fun losing friends in the crowd, finding them later after some fun wandering of my own. We also saw a really fun band called Nudist Priest... You get the picture:

All in all, a great weekend... Too bad I had to come back to work on "Have a Tard."

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