Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"moving: the saga" part 2

Arrg.... We sadly lost the kinda funky, nice place that had the shower/bedroom combo (it's not as freaky as it must sound) and it was about 1 and a half blocks from "New Local Gay Bar" ...boy could that get me into some trouble. I wouldn't want this blog to be just about sex and drinking now would I? Don't answer that.

Oh Well, it's now back to the drawing board. I guess we are going to make a final stab at trying to get the Atwater place without having to sugically remove our nether regions! The bitch is just asking way too much, 6 months rent up front?! isn't that illegal?! She must really have an issue with the gays and with foreigners... Or maybe she's just a bitch and we should stay away... who knows... I'm just hoping we find a cool place to set down our lives. A place where we can all start anew in different ways/chapters of our lives... That's what we're looking for. Personally, a place where I can feel safe, calm, happy, amongst trustworthy friends and not just some assortment of strangers, and maybe even proud of where we live would be amazing. I'd love to be able to bring someone to my place and not feel like I'm inviting them into College Chic! I want to live in the "Creepy house" no more! (Some kids in my neighborhood were overheard saying that about our place.) I just want to feel at home for the first time in 3 years here. I've gotten close in my little ghetto, but it's time for something closer to that reality.

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