Monday, April 16, 2007

Clam show at the Seismic Gay bar

Lately, Sunday is a day to relax, search for places to live, and hit the bar with friends for a drink or two before the big week begins. "Seismic Gay Bar" is usually packed to the gills and yesterday was no exception. Free shows can abound at times, with people showing off their shirtless bods etc. but this Sunday there was a new exhibitionist amongst the throngs of gays... I never got her name. It was interesting, sad and bizarre to witness what transpired...

Her impromptu strip tease began on stage during a simple butt-rock song... cowboy hat, typical stipper dance moves, and then the clothes started to come off. She flashed her boobs, then showed her boobs, and the audience had two types of reactions: Horror, and Cheers! It was amazing to see just how a group of men can go from relaxed and chatty to all catcalls and "Show us your snatch" in about 2.4 seconds. It was funny to witniss this girl having her fun, dancing and showing off to a crowd she knew was supportive and jovial, but as the second song started there was a sense that she needed to raise the stakes or get off the stage. She raised the bar for herself and started taking off the lower half of her clothes peice by peice. The spreading of labia ensued, camera phones multiplied in the sky with the arms of the giggling masses trying to get a better look. This was when things kinda stopped being funny, stopped being jovial, and kinda started to seem sad... this girl suddenly looked kinda desperate and it appeared she was looking for any and all attention. She WAS making a few bucks from the growing crowd, but she even had a gleam in her eye that maybe she was a little too drunk, or stoned to be doing this... the look that maybe she wasn't gonna remember much the next day. Som small group of her apparent "friends" circled around when she was done with her "set" and within minutes, there was some bj action going on being performed by stripper girl. Funny. Weird. Sad. Completely unexpected for "Seismic gay bar." Maybe it was leftover weirdness from Friday the 13th?

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