Wednesday, March 28, 2007


You sad poor little creature... God you're like a lame puppy with a nail in it's head, I want to just crush you with a rock and stop your pain.

Ok, down to business. The hair is all anyone can talk about since we obviously can't talk about the singin'! Alright, I thought you were just listening a little too hard to the sad Beautyschool Dropout stylists that work for "Idol" but now I'm thinking you are just a crazy bitch with a comb. I love the sense of "nothing to lose, so I'll be a total freak thing" you have going, but maybe you could direct it to taking vocal chances? Maybe push yourself there? The hair this week is just fuckin' crazy.... take a look at yourself babe:

What you need to do is put down the goddamned comb and pick up the scissors.... now trim...keep don't stop there...... a little more please....ok now your wrists sweetie... (ok, that was a tad harsh...just cut your inner thigh like all the other girls your age are doing.) Now take a lesson babe, if you're gonna go wild you have to have a good source. I know you were inspired by the crazy drummer of no doubt's hair, but he's cute Sanjy.... He's a wild guy who can pull it off. You shoulda gone for the rocker look, or actually trimmed the shit to resemble Gracey here:

Now I found a picture in your stylist's notebook when she wasn't looking... If you have any self respect: Kill her! Stab the bitch with those scissors I had you pick up, and run away... Otherwise you'll be lookin' like this next week:

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