Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Apparently this is an ad for some sort of Cod Roe....called Tarako.... um but it looks like some sick twisted version of Annie, blended with Katamari Damacy, and that Herpes character you see on posters and walking around WEHO. Be scared, this might just get stuck in your head, but if you make it all the way to the part with the creepy cupie dolls then you'll be mesmerized!

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Clawed said...

Ok, really WTF. I was going to translate the lyrics for everyone, but the bulk of the song is really untranslatable because they're using weird made up words. Suffice it to say that as much as I do understand the song, it's even more scary to think of the depravity of the ad person who came up with this concept.

Anyhoo, since I did the research, I do know that there are other variations on this.

Here's one. Just click on the "Quicktime" or "Media Player" depending on your platform. You can see all the other bizarre ads by clicking on "CM..." in the left column.

Another bizarre but shorter Kewpie Tarako Spaghetti Sauce Ad