Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Golden Age is over...

Alas and alack, the Golden age of "Local gay bar" has come to an end. It's been a long time coming, but it's fate now rests in the hands of 2 coked out freaks that want to bring in strippers 7 nights a week. The heart and soul that rested in the hands of the 2 good guys who managed the place, has left the building. And proudly they left with a mighty "Fuck you!" I'm hoping "pocket daddy" and friend find more work soon, maybe even in a field far different from that of the bar scene. It might be better for them in the long run. As I couldn't make a meeting that was scheduled, I have been summarily let go along with a handful of others.... no harm no foul.... I would have left the following week anyhow, without the support of the close friends/family I had made working there in the past 3 years.

While I'm a bit sad to not be workin' that door anymore, I'm releived. I will finally have my weekends back to myself. I feel free.... It's strange, but it's so good. I will miss the crazy stories and fun that ensued workin' with those guys and gals. I'll miss some of the bitchy fodder we hurled back and forth, but that can all take place over cocktails as patrons now.

We'll miss you "local gay bar" for now I dub thee: "Jumbo's Clone Room."

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