Tuesday, March 27, 2007

100 posts strong, and something a little more real.

Ok, so I started this post a few days ago and haven't really had the heart or mood to finish it, so here it is...It was basically going to be 100th post, now it's my 102nd.

Moments that changed my life: The Challenger Disaster

I was a pretty smart young kid, and had never had a problem understanding ideas like "love" or "hurt," but Death hadn't really ever hit home with me. I didn't get the finality of it. Everything was possible, how could the person you just met one day go away forever the next?

My Teacher, knew the woman who was travelling into space. To describe just how cool that is is next to impossible. My Teacher was friends with the teacher who had grabbed America's heart, and inspired us as students. In my mind, it was like she knew God, or the guy who invented sugary treats!

In preperation, we had studied the space program, fuel cells, thrusters, and even got into a bit of the science behind jet fuel propulsion... it was Montessori after-all. The big tv on the black metal cart was pulled out in every classroom... it was THE TV event! I had waited for weeks to see this moment. My heart raced, my hands sweated, and I imagined myself in there, flying into outer space... and that woman who was in there, was going to come meet with us in a few months after she returned!

....then it happened. It was all a flash...a blur.... and for once in my life, I didn't comprehend.... it had to be a joke... that was all a test right, now they'll really leave. Then from behind me I heard a gasp I'll never forget. My teacher covered her mouth and gathered herself... and asked us all to move into the other room. The tv was shut off, we moved away, the other teachers took over, and all that could be heard were children asking, and even pleading for answers. All I heard was quiet sobs from the room next door. Her quiet strength has stayed with me to this day. I can't imagine what It would have been like had she lost it in front of us all. That day I understood death. I went in leter and asked, why... And for once, an adult didn't sugarcoat it... "I don't know. Things just come to an end sometimes. I'm just as lost as you..." "That's scary" I beleive I said. "I'm a little scaed too..."

This was the first time I had the guts to go back and watch this, but it's pretty amazing... and sad

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