Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Salton Sea

So every now and then my sister and I like to run off to the Desert together for a weekend away. We have done it several times over the last few years, and typically stay within the Palm Springs area. Two years ago she had an itch to explore a very desolate but fascinating area just south east of Palm Springs known as the Salton Sea. We have both been very into a local band known as "Throwrag" that say they hail from the Salton Sea, so we were enticed, and wondered if the music fit the world that had been described by many an online search and article.
When planning our adventure, we stopped off at the Palm Spring visitor's center and asked about the area as well as how to best get there.... "Why the heck would you want to go there?" we were asked with exasperation. The poor old lady didn't seem to understand that we were curious young beings with cameras and an apetite for the dark, dirty twinge of the place. It was an amazing trip, and I have some really cool photos I'll share soon. For now check out this documentary that is coming out in May about the place, and is narrated by John Waters... How fitting!

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