Thursday, November 29, 2007

Carmen like Electra, Webber like that crappy over-inflated British theatre mogul

Carmen Webber has left the building on Project Runway in week three, and good riddance. If you asked me, half that group shoulda been tossed out for their complete lack of creativity and know how when it comes to making men's clothing. I had waited for ages for Project Runway to brave the world of men's fashion for a challenege, and what did we get? We get models with terribly sewn crotches, half finished garmens, a shirt that resembled a reject from 7th grade home economics class, and one model with swath of fabric "Where the shirt should be, but I ran out of time." Guys..... are you kidding me? You can whip out a three piece look for a woman in under 6 hours complete with details, accessories and little scarf you threw together, but you can't make a pair of men's pants? The fat guy had it right when he said "Pants aren't that hard, its just like sewing two long sleeves together." I think this challenge showed us just how much talent you THINK you have when it comes to sewing... Even the queeny muscle bound Jack guy had to rip apart his shorts to make a pattern for half of you to follow! Jesus, its not like you are having to flatline a bias cut velvet gown with silk georgette on the inside, that my friend would be very difficult. Get your heads in the game, Ricky stop crying cause you're next, Christian quit being your inflated self and actually make something as good as you say you can, Elisa keep scaring me in that spit on fabric can't touch or look at a male model way... I kind of like it, and the rest of you just get to work.

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