Friday, November 02, 2007

Some dickwads never learn

Pulled from the Associated press:

"SAN FRANCISCO—Legal problems are mounting for the performance artist accused of prematurely torching the Burning Man festival's namesake effigy in August.
San Francisco prosecutors have charged Paul Addis with three felonies and two misdemeanors for allegedly planning to set fire to the city's historic Grace Cathedral.
Besides attempted arson, Addis faces charges of possessing explosives and incendiary devices, removing required markings from an imitation firearm and violating a court order.
Addis was out on bail in the Burning Man case when police say he was found with an ammunition belt of small explosives outside the Episcopal church late Sunday.
He remains jailed in San Francisco, where he's scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday."

Does this idiot not stop? Now he's trying to blow up a church? Me thinks he's not a performance artist....he's just a firebug!

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Michael said...

I hear Pakistan is hiring suicide bombing performance artists...

Just sayin'.