Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Spam email: this time a bizarre almost Russian novel!

I often get those "Make Penis ten time bigger!" or "Become willing sex god for cheap!" and I even got one this morning that said "Make breast lergerer and so many suckle nip long times!" I always look through my spam mail for one reason, and that is the few that slip through with very strange nonsensical passages in them. The last was more of a poem and this one I have deemed a Russian novel:

"title: Conversation: as

body of email: for him. Prince Vasili became thoughtful and frowned. Anna Mikhaylovna saw that he was afraid of finding in her the third circle, Naryshkin was speaking of the meeting of the Russian Council of War at which Suvorov repressed laugh. Equipage or appear in the streets of Petersburg in an old uniform. He made friends with and sought the He looked at her attentively. The comander in Chiefs carriage, and he sat down on the bench at the gate awaiting his Serene Highness.

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I gotta say, it almost sucked me into its story, till he sat there on the bench with a hard on waiting...

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