Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A bit o' the update

Hello fair blog readers, I know I don't write nearly enough about myself on here. I'm sure you feel so deprived of my true being, so I figured I'd drop a line. (Hehehehe like anyone reads this thing Zack!)

Today is yet another droning day at "Have a Tard" and hopefully these days are numbered... there are only 46 days till the big burn at Burningman so that gives me something to look forward to. This weekend was filled with lots of movies and some burningman prep with Billy and Glen. We hit a few great thrift stores (The St. Vincent De Paul neardowntown is amazing everyone!) and I managed to find some great boots which never happens when you have size 13 feet, and a few select items to don. I need to get my ass in gear this upcoming weekend and accomplish at least two things: 1.Test run putting up the tent and 2.Make big headway on the topiary penises... This can easily be done if I get up and off my ass. Billy found some great bizarre fare with lots of flash and Glen found the perfect Mrs. Roper MuMu.

Today I also heard from a strange friend from the past.......Nova! She was a bizarre character in the history of my childhood commonly reffered to as "Pretty pretty princess!" She sent me a message on myspace.com. It appears she is still out in Atlanta where her family moved when I was about 8. Nova was named apparently after the "best damn car" her parents ever owned, oh and how pretty the reference to stars is..... All I can ever see in my head when I say the word is that big ugly blue car, or a tv guide listing for a boring documentary on gravity. Nova's family lived across the street from me for a few years beginning when I was about 5 in the house belonging to a local church reserved for the pastor and his family. (The place was kind of a shithole actually and I remember writing "bitch" on the stucco in iceplant one day and stained it forever....they had to repaint...I never admitted till now I was the culprit.) His mother had an angry face most every day, I remember her yelling alot. Nova's brother was named Aaron, he was commonly known as "little old man" in my house due to his propensity to order people around while shouting bible verses, and the fact that at the age of 7 he looked like he had old man's disease and was 80. At the time hearing my family refer to him that way pissed me off, but now I find it pretty hilarious.

Quite often when playing together, Arron and the "Bare assed twins" would get into a fight. Arron would be shouting things about how they were sinners and were damned to a life in purgatory unless they repented, when Heather would retort "Fuck off Aaron." Those were good times. Every game we would play Nova would swoop in and inevitably want to be the princess of whatever we were playing. We could be playing Jonestown Massacre and she'd wander in declaring herself the princess of Jonestown or Kool-Aid Land, whatever she had named the "kingdom"..... she never really branched out and wanted to be Queen thank god. So strange were my days as a child....

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