Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Cast off the things that are holding you back!"-Tammy Faye

I must say, while for a large part of my life I haven't necessarily connected to any figures of the church or spirituaity, Tammy Faye is one woman I have grown to admire. I remember the many jokes in my family about her make-up and the whole scandal involving Jim Bakker, but truthfully this woman seems like the real deal to me. Behind all that make-up appears to be a true caring soul that practices what Christianity is supposed to stand for and doesn't harbor prejudices under the guise of bible translations. She really just wants what she says she does for the world: Peace, Understanding, Love, Forgiveness, People to love themselves and cast off the things that hold them back from succeeding in life. She embraces all of those who embrace her, she loves unconditionally....... gay, straight, tranny, druggie, poor, rich... The more I have learned about this woman over the years, the more impressed I've become. This may come off as a strange blog post for me... but hey, why not honor those who impress you.

She also has an amazing son, who has been taping his life on a reality tv show for the sundance channel called "One Punk Under God." If you get a chance you should check this show out, or if you have on demand cable but don't get the sundance channel, they offer a few episodes for free. It's so apparent how her strength and character have been passed on to her son, and fascinating to see how he has struggled with his relationship with his father. The show also documents quite a bit of Tammy's issues with her inoperable colon cancer. It's strange and sad, but very real, to see her whithering away.

Recently she taped an interview with Larry King for CNN that I have yet to see, but after one glimpse of a photo of her at only 65 pounds.... she may not be around much longer. My heart goes out to her for all her pain and struggle, her son, her family, her adopted family on the Surreal Life for VH1 and all those out there who love her. She's one hell of a fighter.

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Paul said...

Zacki .. you are exactly right about Tammy Faye. For all the makeup and over the top attitude, I really believe that she is a good Christian person. I remember when she and Jim J had their short lived show. Everyone was attacking him, but she would go on the counter-attack. I've heard about Jamie's show, but have yet to see it. By the way, any updates on the daughter, Tammie Sue? I even bought one of her albums one time.