Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Um.....yuck dude...

So the homos over at Jumbo's Clone Room tried to poison the general gay population this past week by beginning to offer up the nasty new "Vodka" (yes I use that term loosely) Pink. It's a new liquor marketed to, you guessed it, all the mo's out there who like their "Vodka Redbulls" but don't want the carbs..... it's supposedly a caffeinated Vodka. Well after one sip of this devil juice, I can honestly tell you to run the other way if one of those free shot taster boys comes your way. Don't let the shiny abs fool you, you are better off having never let this shit touch your lips.

Taste Description: Start with some sort of light motor oil equivalent, cut with water, add a dash of pepper, and then a capfull of bleach.... Douche the liquid into the nearest twink who's been tweaking hard and mainly through booty bumps, and then drain into glass. Drink up boys!

1 comment:

Michael said...

OMG... "douche the liquid..."

I am peeing myself with laughter!