Monday, July 09, 2007

Back to work we go...

Hi ho and all that jazz. It was so difficult coming in to work today. My bed had hit that perfect temperature, the car seemed to exhausting to manage, the grey clouds outside set off that "Just stay in, watch a movie" receptor in my brain. Here I am and it just seems all so exhausting and futile. Ahhhh Monday.

The weekend was filled with all sorts of nothing but I did make a few discoveries along the way.

Pinkberry is kinda overpriced, and not very good. I'm confused by all the hype and why these stores seem to be appearing on every corner of the earth. It's a cute place...usually hyper-mod design.... lots of weird toppings like cereal, and their lame claim to fame: no Fat. I'd rather have the fat and more flavor than the weird ice-milk texture of the yogurt. The fresh fruit was really damn fresh though, I'll give them that. From my experience with friends there, stick to the pinkberry smoothie it was the best.

The other part of Saturday was spent scrounging around such lovely places as the Homo Depot, Lowe's, Army Navy Surplus, and Target for all sorts of goodies. My main goal was to find the right connectors, bases, piping, etc. that is going to form the body of these two 9 foot tall penis topiaries we're building for our camp at burningman. I found the right fabric last week thank god and probably way too much of it. Mark was a dilligent shopper with me and we didn't tire until at last we found the perfect plastic pots we could turn upside down and use for the heads. We also got our tent etc.... good shopping but a long day nonetheless.

Sunday night showed me just how much I hate LAX as it took almost 45 minutes from the time I left the freeway until I was safely parked. Then another 2 hours waiting with my sister for her lost luggage that didn't even show on the next flight by Airtran......arg....late night....Hopefully she'll recieve said luggage today and that bottle of Jamaican rum she had stashed in it wan't be broken!


Paul said...

Young man, what exactly WHAT were you doing hanging around the Army Surplus? Trying to "be all that you can be?" "In the Navy, you can ......."

Former Door Nazi said...

And by-the-by...Pinkberry isn't even yogurt!! Its the same potato bi-product that they make soft serve from. AND the bitch who started the company is being sued by some Japanese company that originated it!!