Monday, July 09, 2007

Another explanation about why Queer as Folk is a lie...

In Pittsburgh, Liberty Avenue isn't the sweet homo haven that "Queer as folk" might lead you to believe. I lived right off Liberty ave. in the district called Bllomfield. It's a "quaint" neighborhood that prides itself in it's strong Polish roots. Here's a quick video of the street and neighborhood where I spent three agonizingly long years:

It was always fun when people would visit the gay bars in Pittsburgh asking for directions to "Liberty ave." or where "Babylon" was.... so sad... I'd always turn and say: "Ok get on the interstate and drive about 6 hours north to Toronto.....then ask them."

I know this isn't really fascinating to anyone but myself, but it does give the stranger to Pittsburgh a realistic look at how plain and dingy the place is.

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