Friday, June 22, 2007

Tag- You're it!

Well, it happened....twice... I've been Blog Tagged by Kyle and "Beefy Cat Angus" to reveal 8 random facts about myself to you. So kiddies, strap yourself in (or something on) and away we go:

1. My first apartment in college was a real shithole. It was in the basement of this oversized, old, smelly building and had a steampipe running through it. Any given day my little studio apt. was 90 degrees. Next door lived a jovial punk chick with a pink mohawk. I would catch a glimpse of her hangin' out with her BF on the terrace (also known as smelly alleyway outside our windows) and they seemed like the perfect, Sid and Nancy lookalikes of the day. The music she played was all good, we seemed to have a similar taste for the most part, but when she and her BF had sex, they insisted on having against the wall set to any music by Blondie! This would be funny, except for the fatc that the wall was the same wall we shared, and exactly where the head of my bed was. To this day, I can't hear any Blondie song without imagining the wailing and banging behind it. The first day my mom came to see the place, she was scared enough but I have never rushed anyone out of there faster than when I heard "Heart of Glass" start up that day on the other side of the wall.

2. I raised 18 rabbits as a kid, and decided to capitalize on it by deeming my backyard "Bunny National Park." It was a 25 cent entrance fee for all visitors, I made bank!

3. I not only know all the words to "Groove is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite (kinda sad), but the Rap in the middle is my favorite thing to "drop" mofo!

4. My family has very few boundaries when we chat and this was best displayed last Christmas when my mother asked me what a "Rim Job" was. She had heard me say the term before in reference tothe name of a crappy night of strippers and booze I worked the door for at "Old Local Gay Bar." I explained what it meant and her response was: "Do you have to do that to get into the place?!"

5. I once shot a man just to watch him die..... no that's not true.... but I did sneak out while in Paris on a trip in High school and go to the gay bar "Club Boi."

6. Unless you have read this blog from the beginning, you probably don't know this: I got my lips caught in an electric door at Thrifty on Foothill Blvd when I was 6. Blood everywhere and several stitches later, my lips have never looked better or been more plump and kissable. (I was a weird child, don't ask how it happened.)

7. In Hawaii on a trip during childhood, I once ate half a box of Cookie Crunch Cereal when my parents were out an about, then vomited blood for half an hour. I'll never eat that cereal again and I don't remember telling them the whole throwing up blood part....I beleive I only said "Tummy Ache."

8. I hate most condiments besides Ketchup....but I always insist on the use of condoms and don't mind them... Be safe kids, don't leave your Mayonnaise out!'s the part where I'm supposed to tag a few people.....hmmm..... 8 is too many and most people I know that blog have already been tagged but I'll drop a select few names: Ernessa, Paul in Atlanta, and Daily Randi if she ever reads this trashy blog o' mine.


Paul said...

Zacki .. thanks for tagging me! I responded on my blog. Get In Shape Girl! I showed everybody that ad today in the office.


Michael said...

Yay Zacki! Thanks for sharing me with you...

um, I mean... yeah, well...

I feel I should call you Watership Down now, after that effed-up bunny story. :)