Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Oh my god, today is another day where the boredom has set in so strongly that I need to be anywhere but here. I am hating this job and at least it is starting to well up inside me and inspire some true motivation to do something new....better....closer to what I have a frickin degree in!

Naturally, these feelings make me think about death. Therefore today I spent a nice chunk looking into Spontaneous Combustion. I have always wondered if this was real and or possible, but I have concluded for myself......I'm so bored I need to believe in something so it is 100% real. I found some fun photoshop images, real photos from newspaper archives, picture stills from Films....all has been truly fascinating. One account had a woman burst into blue flames on a dance floor in the 30's and it made me laugh truly hard for the first time today.

Oh yeah, and I really need to see this hilarious film this weekend if I can find a damn place that is showing it. Anyone up for it? (I am working with a certain company that created it on "Have a tard" and it looks pretty over the top.)

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