Wednesday, June 20, 2007

68 days....jesus...time to get in gear!

So today I saw that there are only 68 days till Burning Man. This sent an "oh shit" chill down my spine, with the realization of just how much there is left to do before I go. I did book the mini-van for me and Mark this week, but there is always that creepy feeling when I book a rental car: "What if they say they don't have what I need that day of pick-up and try to substitute some crappy thing I can't use?!" I'm sure this is just frivolous worrying...

This weekend I need to do a shopping run to Homo Depot for some supplies. We are supplying our theme camp "Our Lady of Schlongs Meat Inspection" with two 9 foot tall phallus topiaries that will flank the entrance, and glow in the dark. (Oh the ways I put my over-priced degree to use, someday I'll use them in a career!) Now since the theme this year is "Green Man" it was only appropriate to have some green "member" action at our camp.

The next thing I need to do is deck out a cheapo bike I purchase.... perhaps that can happen this weekend too. So much to do so little time. It was wonderfully inspiring this past Sunday to watch "Burn Baby Burn" a great documentary on Burning Man. While watching, it made me feel really bad about my mediocre job and I just wanted to rush out of the house and create something. It was that itchy feeling you get when trapped in a position knowing you can't move, all over my body. It may have infiltrated my approach to this week, as I just am finding this workplace unbearable. At least I know it is only 68 days to freedom!

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