Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ok, now everyone have a great Pride weekend if your city is celebratin' it... Washington, LA and a few others are having their often tepid celebrations this weekend. I'm actually kind of excited for a change this time around as I'll be taking Anna, my friend Betty's daughter. She's a really cool kid, a little too clued into the adult world for her age at times, but still a great sweet soon to be woman. (They grow up fast don't they?) I had promised to take her to the parade this weekend ages ago, and I'm certainly interested to hear her take on it. I was so excited the first time I went to Pride, and it'll probably be good for these often jaded eyes to remember what that was like. For someone my age, I sure do feel ancient at times. I gotta change that.

The picture above makes me laugh and at the same time retch... That is a flamboyant, annoying, gay-ass dude in Japan who is a celebrity for being THAT gay and wearing THAT god awful get up all over the place. Imagine Paris Hilton, but not an heiress, less fashion sense (isn't saying much) and more pandering to the camera and that what this guy is like. I saw him appear on "the New Dotch Cooking Showdown" while watching with my roommate (I blogged a bit about it a while back) and I wanted to crawl into the tv and strangle him.

Anyways, Everyone get laid (safely), party (safely), and get home in one piece this lovely weekend. Pride can be a tough thing to muster when looking at any group of people nowadays, but I promise you all: I will find that sense of Pride so help me!

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