Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Starbucks names....

An old habit I had back in the day when ordering my coffee was to give them a fake name each time I showed up. I had forgottn how fun this could be. Today when in Starbucks, I surprised myself when the game came back like second nature. When asked for my name I blurted out "De Carlo" and added further explanation to the spacing and capitalization. I got no real quizzical look from the girl behind the counter but she did mention "that's an odd name..." I further explained how I was adopted by an Italian family, but really loved my family's ancestry. I of course added: I get asked about it alot.... she said "I know! you look more Irish than anything! More potatoes than pizza!" I kinda chuckled and delighted inside at this bizarre and not very plausible lie I had just accomplished. Perhaps next time I'll be from South Africa, one of those long held over groups of British colonialist families that finally took on the native language to name their young. Oh the possibilities!

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Anonymous said...

The playing field is wide open now. I long for you to blurt out these gems:

- Tyrese
- Javier
- Frankie

Even more obscure:

- Poontang (pronounced PON-tong)
- Winetra

* Mark