Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another day at Have A Tard...

It's days like this that drag on and on without an end in sight, that make me want to scratch my eyes out. The most exciting moments today included printing a bunch of stuff, researching a scene from a certain movie, hint: goes well with fava beans and a nice chianti.. and then spent half an hour basically choking on the over-syrupy juice from too many skittles in my mouth at once. Wow, I really hit the bigtime huh? I'm livin' the dream and making that amazing grad school degree work for me. I think its time to make some's time to get that portfolio up and in working order while I have access to all these printers, ink and paper, and then find myself the job I know, the job I spent so much time "mastering."

Last night there was a brief moment where this really hit me hard... I have more clarity now that I'm out of my old digs, and more self worth too. I think this year is gonna keep being one of much change in my life, but at this point, that can only be a good thing.

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