Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Doll Hair

So..... I have this weird phrase that has been in my life for a while now: Doll Hair. Many co-workers and friends know exactly what i'm talking about when I say it, but for those of you not in the know, let me explain.

My hair grows fast, like so fast I should be getting a haircut every two to 3 weeks instead of the 6-8 weeks I usually wait. I usually begin to get the faint appearance of duck tail action in the back, with over-all uncontrollable puffiness on the top and sides. The texture of my hair begins to change with the length as well, giving me what I not so lovingly refer to as "Doll Hair." I coined this term the day I felt my hair, and realized it felt fake....and looked fake....like I was wearing a wig or maybe even a doll's hair. It has the same plastic clumpy feel when it gets this long... This term drives my Boss, a co-worker and possibly several friends crazy. They just don't get it, and for some reason find me reffering to my "Doll Hair" just grating.

Me: "God it's Doll Hair time again... it's time for a trip to Rudy's!"

Typical Response: "Jesus, what the hell does that even mean?! I don't get it...Doll Hair...you're a freak..."

This weekend before the Housewarming or maybe if I leave work early enough this week, the Doll Hair that is protruding from my skull will soon be on the floor, and my supple soft hair beneath will be unveiled. (But within a few weeks....even that soft happy hair will seccumb to the clutches of the Doll Hair!)

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Paul said...

Zack .. Paul from Atlanta here. THANK YOU for the comments gto my blog. You wrote some really wise things that I will put into action. THANK YOU again. Onto the doll hair .. Now would you say that you Barbie or Midge's?