Friday, May 04, 2007

Here I sit in antici......pation

I boxed up the last of it merely minutes ago....and this feels so good, such a relief. The movers should be arriving in the next two hours to haul this shite for me to my new home. An all night packing fest seemed to do the trick, and there will really only be the kitchen stuff, and my computer to haul to Atwater. Why must I always procrastinate and pull miracles out of my ass. I amazingly enough got a good solid six hours of sleep last night, which refueled me for my 3 hour packing fest this morning. There is alot left to purge when I get there, as inevitably I ended up just tossing shit in boxes at the end without editing or thinking it through all that much. Tonight, I am so gonna hit "new local gay bar" for a drink with friends and finally celebrate escaping this god awful neighborhood.

For now, I'm gonna sit here and keep singin along to Lauryn Hill at the toip of my lungs and sneeze out all the dust I've inhaled over the last 14 hours...

Tomorrow.....I wake up....Home.

PS: Expect a blog post later about my viewing of the Spider-man 3 screening. All that work and long story fell short..

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