Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ok, now the part where I become kinda lazy...

Ok, so the big move is basically over. There is some light kitchen stuff to pick up at the old house, along with my computer and some quick cleaning left to do.... then I will never have to be there again. The move went pretty swimingly and the company I used: www.myamericanmovers.com were wonderful! When moving, I can easily suggest them to anyone. They were prompt (15 minutes early) didn't break anything, were quick, strong and relatively cheap. Great experience!

Now, the colors have been chosen for re-painting the livingroom, dining room and pantry, (A beautiful array of Terra Cottas and Camel Toes... Thanks Carlos for your help) and the big paint party will commence this Saturday. Next the rest of the boxes must be opened, trash must be taken out, the studio space and books must be shelved and arranged, and the plans for the big party must be solidified! We are thinking of having it Memorial Day Weekend on Saturday say between 4 and 9pm so those who have to work (our Bartender friends) can leave early, and those who want a quick bit o fun before going out can swing by and see the place. I'm very very excited to get this stuff done and share our great place with the world. I now need to just motivate myself to do it all and get my ass in gear!

More posts soon, after I get a little bit more done, some more motivation and some inspiration.... for now, enjoy the number "Lazy" from "There's no business like show business!" with Marilyn Monroe, Mitzi Gaynor and Donald O'Connor.

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