Monday, November 10, 2008

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Tough to say... It was a good weekend that ended on a kind of sour note. I've never been good at dating. I tend to say things at inopportune moments and sometimes after spinning myself silly thinking about the other person's intentions, I kind of blurt out a whole lot of crap really fast that should probably just stay inside... It was a weird evening, we both said some stuff... went to bed after the venting and still seem to have found the light of day. I just need to learn how to slow down sometimes, anyone got a magic fix for that?

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etc @ said...

B/c I tend to talk too much, too, I made a rule that whenever I was feeling queasy about a new relationship, I talked to my friends about it and not to the guy -- at least until we've had the BF/GF talk -- which he needed to initiate. I'm really insecure, so this passive possum plan worked well, b/c I'm just the kind of person that needs to know that a guy is into me, because he says so voluntarily -- not because I ask him.

But make sure that you're not being too hard on yourself. How long have you two been dating? There's a difference between getting the answers that you need and talking "too soon." Having dated A LOT before I got married, I was really surprised to find that when it's right, it's fairly straightforward and simple. He likes you and you like him consistently and for awhile. That's all. I wished I had learned to relax and just accept that all of my relationships wouldn't work out until one did earlier. Dating would've been a lot more fun if I had. :)

Hope this answer wasn't too long.