Thursday, November 13, 2008

Put Your Activist Where Your Mouth Is!

So as i'm a little lazy these days when it comes to my getting out and standing up for what I believe in, like I used to, I am definitely going to this Saturday's Protest Rally about the passing of Prop 8 here in CA! I hope to see you all there too! This is a call to all who are affected by this hateful and ridiculous Proposition to stand up and fight. For those who still have their marital rights, you should help us out too and stand up for your loved ones who now are sitting in all those small cages they are no longer sticking Californian chickens in.

There was a recent vote that showed that 52.8% of californians are hateful dumbshits... Its a fact.. look it up... while polls lie, the votes tell the truth. Time to overturn this shit. Can't wait for Saturday. Bring sunscreen!

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