Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guten tag!

The new season of Project Runway starts November 14th, and already the speculations have begun. Based purely on their photos and a partial scan of their bios, I wrote the following bitchy comments to my friend Lauren about the new contestants:

-Chris is probably surprisingly the biggest fag
-Jillian has to be a bitch...she just seems that way
-I bet I'll really like Carmen
-Kevin is just sexy... yum!
-Kit is probably the least talented but talks the biggest talk
-Sweet p?.....gimme a break old lady
-I bet Simone will cry alot
-Victorya is probably the sweet one that everyone should be careful of cause she can play you and splay you in a matter of seconds
-Steven seems forgettable....he'll be kicked off first if Rami's arrogance doesn't get him first.
-Simone and Jillian will end up in a big fight where they pull each others hair arguing about a sewing machine
-Jack and Marion are both really full of themselves, I bet they will probably end up sleeping with each other
-Christian is the one I want to hate on first glance but I'll probably end up liking his tasteful, well sewn designs
-oh and Ricky....fix that gap in your teeth dude, I can't stare at that for weeks upon weeks
-Elisa, you will win it all, and I'll be happy for your funky self

We'll see how many of these first impressions are accurate. (I'm sure I'm way off the mark)

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