Thursday, September 13, 2007

The man in the moon is a bitch...

Last night I was feeling a little down, a bit overwhelmed and in general.....just kinda blah. Whenever these moods strike it tends to be "My time of the month." It was a bit more than that, but usually the best solution is to work on cravings and impulse. On the way home I got 2 cravings I haven't had in forever: Tommy's Burger and a Musical. I thought the combo might bring me back to the happy place. I swung a right on the 2 Freeway to Eagle Rock (not far at all from my house though it always seems further) and got myself that big greasy gross yumminess in a bag, sped home and popped in Auntie Mame....sadly not the musical version, but the very well written Play version/ turned film starring Rosalind Russell. It suited me just fine, I didn't need that terrible act 2 song "Mame" anyhow and Rosalind was just bitchy enough to fit the bill. All the hair going on in that film too was just a hoot.

I fell in love with Auntie Mame as a story when my mom read it to me as a kid, and after watching it last night, I think alot of my wit and attitude comes from exposure to that character at a young age. My mother seems alot like her as well, minus all the world travel. Perhaps it was just osmosis, and the fact my mother always loved to say that great grinding teeth line Rosalind delivered to her Nephew's Fiance Gloria, "Little Glorieeeeeeeeee!" I think Mame and her crazy friends would fit in just fine with my family,

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