Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our Camp: Our Lady of Schlongs Meat Inspection Center

Our Camp from the street: Landfill and 4:40

Our sad tent after the first day of white out dust storms... it survived just long enough to last one Burning Man... what do you expect when you buy a tent that has a whole family of Black people running away from it on the front of the bag... I'll have to scan that in and show you all what I mean.

Our View from behind our tents

The penis topiaries taking a beating in the first white out storm

Serving up cocktails on the double headed penis bar for the Naked Bike Ride patrons

Us after the "Big Storm" on Friday.... we even got a rainbow! How pale am I?

Billy and his awesome CD Flower Garden and CD kilt.

Us at the man right before he burnt, for the second time that is...


Michael said...

You're the cutest of the bunch, Pale Rider!

Paul said...

Zacki .. Thanks for sharing the great pics! You are too damn HAWT!! Please share other pictures.

BTW, in your post after coming back from Burning Man, you stated that the trip inspired you creatively. I would love to know how, etc.