Monday, July 28, 2008

Quick little updates

So things seem to be going ok..

I'm still very strapped for cash lately especially with the big bad ticket on Friday and a constant barrage of bills, but I soldier on.

Work is fun. I'm really enjoying the job, and really can't wait to see what we're creating on the big screen. I haven't almost run over anyone famous in a golf cart or anything yet so I'll have to keep you posted on any more of zack's big faux pas with celebrities. (Like the time I informed Oliver Stone he needed to have a visitor's pass to be walzing around the art department...and then kindly escorted him to production... he wasn't the director on the movie I was on but still, oops)

Burning Man is coming up fast and I'm a little nervous. Things are really tight this year and the plans of going in the RV died hard and fast this past week. It appears I'll be roughing it again this year tenting it like many other brave souls. I don't mind, its a bit more work, but its going to be a blast. My friend Disco Mark and I are traveling together this year and he's new to the tenting side of life, but I think he'll be fine. It builds character...and dust. I'll be borrowing a friend's tent and some extra equipment so most provisions are taken care of, but now we have to see if we'll still want to do our own shade structure. Dog and Snowball said we can probably share theirs but it would be nice to not impose on them too much. We'll see what we figure out. I am thinking by the end of this upcoming weekend we'll know more of which direction we're headed. It might just be a little too much set up for lil' ole us... we are dainty and all... My art piece is coming along a tad too slowly so I'll need to step up the pace on that this weekend and maybe stay at work late a few nights to print off some stuff that normally could cost an arm and a leg at Kinko's.

As far as the rest of my life... its pretty even keeled... knock on wood.

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Kyle said...

OMG I was at a play in NoHo on Sunday afternoon and right across the street was this large papier mache canopy that made no sense to me and I couldn't figure out what it was for. NOW I know!!