Friday, July 25, 2008

A moment of silence for Marcel Marceau

Spam email poetry from this afternoon....

Wire puller to lincoln: he was one of the shrewdest that he
could do, or learn to do, in this seaport. Window, all blurred
with the clinging shreds of that ye shall have no worship
to have ado with and had a few weeks before read them a
draft proclamation rooms, divided into twentyfour sets,
making a agreed on between commissioners to be appointed
men. Not unlike their western sisters, they always under
abe whistled involuntarily. I should think two she thought
she had. Rather a smart wedding at as angels, it makes him
respect a very large proportion or pottage, some saffron
and beaten cloves put and he had met her again and lost
her! In hell, now all the paths are gravelled and raked.
i shall which lie hid in their afterwards.

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