Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Where I recount 4 more movies I watched this past weekend...

1. Home for the Holidays.

Holly Hunter, a slightly drugged (please, you can tell...) Robert Downey Jr., Claire Danes, Anne Bancroft, Steve Guttenberg, Dylan McDermot, Cynthia Stevenson... Directed by Jodie Foster... How can you go wrong? Since 1995, I have watched this movie at least once around the holidays and it hasn't gotten any worse, if anything I laugh harder each time I see it. This pretty much sums up family and holidays to me, a must watch this time of year!

2. Broken English

I love Parker Posey, no I really adore her in pretty much anything... I didn't dig this, it felt like a very forced attempt at romance from our friend Zoe Cassavetes. There should have been more Gena Rowlands and Drea De Matteo, less whatever it was that muddled up the center of this film. I also realized I need to figure out why I have such a crush on Justin Theroux every damn time I see him in something. Perhaps its cause he's only in like 5 minutes of the whole film every time?

3. Hell House

This is a great documentary about Trinity Church's famous "Hell House" they throw each year around Halloween, and the poeple behind the hype. This film was fiarly unbiased in its portrayal of all those involved and their intentions. I am not a big fan of Christianity when it comes to preachiness and moral judgements, so this one was a tough one to sit through. To hear young women hoping against hope that they get to be in the Abortion scene, or the suicide scene is very creepy. I also of course took issue with the "AIDS" scene with a girl trying to "save" her gay friend dying of AIDS in a hospital from eternal damnation, thanks to jesus the faggot dies and goes to hell while abortion girl repents at the last moments...all angels and halos for her... yikes. This is the scariest haunted house i've ever seen based purely on what they foist upon those who enter... This is worth a watch for those of you interested in really good documentaries, just be in the moddd to test your patience.

4. Little Children

Very, very good movie. I loved how quiet the film was, and the use of narration always scares me but it really worked in this instance. Great performances, wonderful direction, a must see. (PS: you get to see Patrick Wilson's cute butt in fairly graphic action, now you gonna rent it?)


Kyle said...

I didn't like Broken English either. There were bits of a good movie in there, but it was mostly so frustrating.

Skip Margot at the Wedding, btw. Ugh.

Oh, and do you watch The Sarah Silverman Program? I just finished the season 1 disc and it just dawned on me that you would probably love it. Ridiculous and funny.

Michael said...

After seeing Little Children, I never want to get a tin foil swan with leftovers in it ever again.

Zacki said...

Yes, Sarah Silverman is right up my alley, except for the occasional overdose of bathroom humor, but she really is evil in a good way.

And Michael, you know you just need to find the right tinfoil swan.

hehehe ew that comment actually kind of made me shudder. That guy was CREEPY....