Monday, December 10, 2007

And yet more film watching...

Again, a quick rundown and review of some movies I spent the majority of my weekend watching...

1. A Prairie Home Companion

I used to endure this radio show in my childhood due to my mother's infatuation with Gerrison Keeler... I wasn't particularly fond of it. This movie was very odd (Ya kind of lost me Mr. Altman with that chick in white crap) but it made for a fun concert if you simply were to fast forward through the terrible Lindsey Lohan performance, ugly wig on Lily Tomlin, boring Gerrison Keeler stories backstage, a possibly high Kevin Kline getting his fingers caught in stuff, and Meryl Streep sitting on her ass..... and just watched them sing. Then it woulda been worthwhile, but it also would have been a 20 minute movie.

2. Tideland

Terry Gilliam is great at painting a believable picture for me to accept as reality. In this film, we see childhood through the eyes of a lonely little girl who's parents are druggies, and her world is one of make believe to escape the horror. You should really be in the mood for this one as it is very eff'ed up but extremely worth a watch. The performances are fantastic, especially the little girl who had to even know about the themes here let alone act them out.

3. Talk to me

Ok Ernessa, your call out to everyone to see this film was well worth it and I second it. The performances rocked my world, just as much as how well written this film was. I laughed out loud, alot, while watching it alone.... me laughing out loud is tough, especially when it comes to watching things alone. This film really did run you through a gammut of emotions. I also have to give huge kudos to a fantastic costume design. For a film that covers essentially 3 iconic decades, the looks were realistic, flawless and not the usual sterotyped crap we see so often. These characters weren't "dressed," they went and picked out their clothes like they always do, cause they were real to me.

4. This is England

This was a gem I stumbled upon in the video store that deserves high marks. Another look at life as child under difficult circumstances, but first and foremost a fascinating look at the world of skinhead youth in 1980's suburban England. Another hard role for a child to pull off, and agaain a huge success.

5. Superbad

After so much seriousness, I needed something that would just make me laugh... This movie succeeded. I laughed alot, was surprised how well the typical teens on a mission to get laid storyline could still work, and felt like I could watch it again someday. Funny, pleasant, and actually quite hilarious each time that poor fat kid got hit by a car.

Anyone have any suggestions for next weekend?

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