Monday, August 13, 2007

Public Enemy was fun...when I was 15...

So I went to "Rock the Bells" with a boy, and I had a great time. Besides being robbed of 30 dollars to park at the event, it was pretty enjoyable. We both came to the conclusion that Hip-Hop is best watched and played in a club setting, not a giant frickin' field in the middle of nowhere San Bernardino. We had a lovely time people watching and of course the commentary flowed effortlessly about each sighting. Public Enemy were trite and bit rediculous with their throw away lines like "Fuck Bush" "Fuck Cheney" and no actual stance of any political nature besides such insightful commentary... Kinda lame. I was really jazzed to see some people wandering around registering voters, hopefully in the next election the youth of america might step up to the plate. The Roots were worth the trip, and it amazed me that they were able to project so much energy and keep the crowd enthralled even though they were so far from most of the crowd. Over-all, good concert, good sun and some beach time, cute boy, good fun, great weekend.

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