Saturday, November 04, 2006

Workin' the door #1

So another fabulous Friday night drew to a close with me re-thinking my part-time doorman job at "local gay bar." There are times when people say things to you and you have to wonder if they hear their own delivery and think: "why am I saying this?"

To fill you in: I once had a past that included musical theatre and acting, but haven't touched it in quite some time. Every now and then a friend or stranger will bring up the topic: "Gosh, you should act!" or "You'd be really funny on stage!" These quotes are flattering, and even make me think hmmm maybe they are right, but nothing had prepared me for this past evening's quote...

A co-worker at local gay bar started in with: "You should do commercials!" Wow, thanks... "No seriously, you could rake in the cash, they are really looking for that everyman type. They currently want like pudgy funny guys. I have this one friend who was skinny and handsome and couldn't get work to save his life, then he started balding and got this paunch and the parts kept rolling in. You would be like perfect for some commercial with just an average guy!" I guess.... (Time for Drink number two...)

Now I know i'm no Adonis, but it got me thinking about he we percieve ourselves. I know, even in my most self-depricating moments, I am still cuter than that guy with the big goiter that comes in "Local Gay Bar" every now and then. I did however suddenly feel a flush of: Oh my god is this the moment we discover we are totally gross to the rest of the human population? Are we resigned to be just perfect for that spot depicting the sad average guy who needs car insurance?! Perhaps this is the fun part of growing up and getting older? thus begins the downward slide... Gone are the days of being the skinny, cute, early twentysomething year old in the corner of the bar giggling with friends. (Something tells me those days were gone about 6 years ago.) However misguided this compliment was, it did give me a wake-up call. Perhpas it's time to aim for better commercial gigs! I know i'll never necessarily end up in one of those Bowflex commercials, but at least I could aim to be healthy cute guy driving car with family and dog in backseat! (You know, like the hot dads you see in line at disneyland.) Perhaps just by aiming higher, a roll as cute guy in cereal commercial could be in my future. I may not be a cereal eater, but I could play one on tv.

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