Saturday, November 18, 2006

What's in a dream?

Really weird shit, that's what!

It all started when I walked into the great gates of Disneyworld.... not your typical Disneyworld, my creepy version in my mind. There were bizarre rides like "Sub Disaster" "The Fling: an airborne deathdefying experience" and "The Lipstick Traces Boudoir." After trying a few out, I noticed it was getting dark and it was time for the firework show. My friend had told me how spectacularly different they were here, and suddenly I knew why. I was dressed as peter pan and so were my friends as we flew over this river and the fireworks began! We touched down on the ground in a strange firework lit empty city (obviously part of the show) and we were wearing tactical combat gear. Someone handed me this big gun that shot these weird skin tighetning globules at real people (so you don't hurt eachother too much, just annoying zips of pain) and bullets at the horrific grouping of zombies that approached. I had to ask myslef, are these real Zombies? Wow, Disney is thourough in their realism. We blew their heads of, made them attack eachother by spreading brains on their faces. We even set a honey trap to bring the ants out, which apparently in this dream Zombies loved to lick up. Then, we shot them down one by one. We had saved the day and fireworks erupted around us in huge bursts of joy and thunder! what?

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