Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All in all a good weekend...

It was a weekend... I got an extra day off, meaning Monday, which in the biz is kinda rare unless you're between gigs and that doesn't feel anything like a vacation... more like "I'm never gonna find work again... I suck at what I do and am broke and want to die." Yeah, more like that.

Saturday was pretty good. I try to keep any expectations about V-day to a minimum even when I have someone to share it with cause god knows its just one torturous disaster waiting to happen for most people if you fuel it with any power. The boy kept saying "Sorry, I don't do Valentine's day well." It was fine. I like it being just a nice day with the opportunity to spend some time together and maybe if there is a little card or somthin' then that's a nice treat. I basically, expect nothing. I gave him his card which he thought was hysterical, I knew he'd like it... He's probably the only person I know who would. We exchanged some small gifts, he acted oddly to my opening of the fun little trinkets and stuff he got me and seemed to think something was wrong. I'm never good in these kind of moments... when someone is acting weird or seems perturbed, I kind of mirror it. It was all good, and he was relieved and we went about our evening together. We had dinner at his place and then went out to meet a friend of his for their birthday at a place we both loathe... Needless to say we weren't there all that long and were off to another less "scene-y" bar, then the Gold Coast for one and then bed.

Sunday was spent with some friends watching a Nascar race... The Daytona 500... I like Nascar leave me alone. I hated that the race ended in rain delay... and was called. Oh well, Kenseth isn't loathesome. Sunday night I saw "Push" which all in all was mediocre at best. Dakota Fanning kind of made me want to slap her and burn that little book she kept scrawling in. Thank god the lead actor was hot... why didn't he ever take that damn shirt off?!

Monday, Me and T woke up and had breakfast with his roomie. Then we made plans to go Bowling... On a rainy day in LA it isn't a good idea to show up at any bowling alley and think it will be a small wait. After checking into it, it was gonna be a 2 and 1/2 hour wait... fuck that. So instead, we turned bowling into drinks, hanging out and sushi. Me, T, his roomie, and her friend all went to a place called "Shabu Shabu" and it was pretty good. If you've met me you probably know that I have never had a good sushi experience. I hate the flavor of seaweed and since that was my main concern, I put my trust in the boy and was willing to give it one more go. We ordered the sushi with soy paper instead and it was pretty darn good. I had a great time, the sake helped, the food and company was pretty fantastic... so all in all it was a pretty good weekend. Now back to the week and the grindstone...

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