Thursday, February 14, 2008

My first and last impressions...

Ok so lets see how good I am with first impressions...

With the cast of Project Runway, I had looked only at their photos and told my good friend Lauren my impression of them based only on their looks and my past experience with the show. The following includes my original thoughts and how I feel now that we are down to the final whatever..

Then: Chris is probably surprisingly the biggest fag
Now: Yup, but in a great way. He's no faggot like Christian. (That's a whole different league of gay) He's a sweet talented guy and I hope he kicks Rami's ass when it comes to who shows at Bryant Park

Then: Jillian has to be a bitch...she just seems that way
Now: Nope, a little stuffy but certainly not a bitch. I really like her attention to detail and ability to really tailor an outfit to the body.

Then: I bet I'll really like Carmen
Now: I did, it was sad to see her go but lets be honest.... she deserved it that week.

Then: Kevin is just sexy... yum!
Now: God yes! Still true. Wait, did he design something too? Sorry, I was distracted.

Then: Kit is probably the least talented but talks the biggest talk
Now: I disagree. She certainly wasn't the least talented. She had a great funky style I wish coulda stayed.....if it weren't for Mr. Crying pants she'd still be on.

Then: Sweet p?.....gimme a break old lady
Now: Ok, still a bad name, but she really has a flair for nice cocktail dresses! I dig her now. Sorry to see ya go, but it was time darlin'

Then: I bet Simone will cry alot
Now: Yup, and was gone fast.

Then: Victorya is probably the sweet one that everyone should be careful of cause she can play you and splay you in a matter of seconds
Now: Yup, that bitch was cold and stuck up. Can't wait to see you get made fun of at the reunion.

Then: Steven seems forgettable....he'll be kicked off first if Rami's arrogance doesn't get him first.
Now: Yup....Steven who? Oh mr creepy quiet voice.... or was that Marion?

Then: Simone and Jillian will end up in a big fight where they pull each others hair arguing about a sewing machine
Now: Wish I woulda seen that. Anytime when Jillian gets more animated than a smile I'm surprised. Still, I am excited to see her Bryant Park collection.

Then: Jack and Marion are both really full of themselves, I bet they will probably end up sleeping with each other
Now: Yup and yup! I'm guessing that one came true.

Then: Christian is the one I want to hate on first glance but I'll probably end up liking his tasteful, well sewn designs
Now: God did I call that one or what?

Then: oh and Ricky....fix that gap in your teeth dude, I can't stare at that for weeks upon weeks
Now: Yup!

Then: Elisa, you will win it all, and I'll be happy for your funky self
Now: I was so wrong, but she was a ball of crazy fun there for a while!

All in all I wasn't that far off. I'll have to try the same with Top Chef....

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Kyle said...

I'm finally caught up, and I still miss Austin Scarlett.