Tuesday, January 08, 2008


That's about how I feel today. I am exhausted, and dreading the next few days of running around trying to figure out how to sew up this pretty little mess with a bow.

Long story short: The police never showed up.....6 hours at work waiting and four phone calls...nothing....they suck. So I started cold calling tow places locally and they had a car matching my description. A short jaunt later I found it there. Some asshole had stolen my car and dumped it by the beach in a red zone, where it got some tickets....and sat....till it was towed.... then they checked their diabolical system once in custody, thinking I had just left my car there, and saw what I had mentioned yesterday.....my lapsed insurance..... oy.... so they revoked the registration... To get the car out of hawk I must pay the tickets, re-register the vehicle, show proof of this to the tow company, and pay their huge fee to get my little white shitmobile back in my hands. Bright side: no broken windows, the car just has some messed up wires torn out, but that can be fixed. In the meantime, it helps to work on a movie where people like you, cause the transportation dept. guys got me a deal on a rental car in the meantime, and hopefully my family can help me out a bit to get this stuff taken care of. It'll be top ramen and quiet nights in with a book for me for a while... It just one of those weeks....


Paul said...

Zacki .. My heart goes out to you. Note that my heart does not go on and on and on and on, BECAUSE you are not sinking in some damn ship. But still I am thinking about ya. Anything I can do from across the country?

BTW, what movie are you working on? I may have to visit El-Lay soon. Lynne Spears, Brit-Brits mother has asked me to intervene in the current situation.

Missed your blog during the holidays. Glad that you are back!


Michael said...


What can we do for you? Want some cookies?